Life is a such fragile thing.

Today, at 7:00 am, I entered the ICU Department in the hospital I am currently working in.
After saying "Hello" to the today nurse staff I checked, whether there are new patients.

I was shocked, because a patient - let her name be X - has returned feverishly.

About 5 days ago X was delivered to our department after Caesarean Section from the operating theatre. During the surgery something (I do not know what - I didn't check the logs) happened to her head.
She stayed with us for a two days and later (in a good condition - consciously!! ) she was moved to Neurosurgery Department.

So X returned to us and today, I went with her for a CT scan of her head. The scan showed an ischemic stroke (and now I knew that was The Thing that happened on the operating theatre).

I checked her pupils - there was no miosis in the presence of the light...

I checked her BP - without infusion of extra fluids it balanced from 90/60 to 70/40...

Later today I saw a document with her husband approval that she can donor her organs...

I can only hope that she managed to see her new-born daughter..

Life is a such fragile thing.

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