Long time has passed since I have been here :)

The third year has ended. Now I have some free time to describe what was the most interesting or the most anyoing in it.

First, what comes to my mind is Immunology. Subject that really can be interesting if only the style of teaching us was not so.... boring and not-useful. For over half a year we were taught about some genetics mutations that cause some diseases. You know, just like that:
*mutation xgfyshs-disease nr1
*mutation hbfddn hs- disease nr2 etc..

No pictures, only plain text with some symptomes. No wonder now I don't remember a thing.
BUT the last lesson was a bit more intersting. Brainstorm like in House MD :)

Introduction to Internal Medicine and Introduction to Pediatrics were better. Finally some real work with the patients. First auscultations, first palpations, first diagnoses. The first and the most important rule was: WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, so we cannot tell patients what is wrong with them.

Sometimes a silly situations comes out of from breaking that rule. One of our friend saw a lipoma that grows on one patient's arm. Lipoma is a concentration of fat tissue somewhere in the skin, but due to the type of growth it is classified as neoplasma.

So the patient asked our friend what is it. And friend replied : "Sir, do not worry. It is just a simple neoplasma!"

The patient turned pale and almost fainted.

On the pediatrics we were doing almost the same thing but on children. The most disturbing moment was when you are doing physical examination on a toddler and you saw the face of trust of the mother and all in your head is :"I have no idea what I'm doing..." :)

But THAT moment when you diagnose for the first time sucessfully...cannot be described, something beautiful :)

That is all for now. Perhaps I will write something more later!

See you soon.

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  1. Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze kiedyś napiszesz co u Ciebie.