III year

At last.

We've been waiting for this moment for 2 years.. the mythical and mysterious third year of studying medicine.
In my country, by what you are called, depends on the year you are currently on:
a) first year -> Shit
b) second year -> Mr/Mrs Shit
c) third year -> Student
d) fourth year -> Mr/Mrs Student
d) fifth year -> Doctor
e) sixth year -> Mr/Mrs Doctor

So I am a Student now :) Honestly, it can be felt..for example during the first lesson of Introduction to Pediatrics when professor wanted to ask us about something, she called us by "DOCTOR X will you tell me...?"

I am taking following courses during this semester :
*Introduction to Internal Medicine
*Introduction to Pediatrics
*Introduction to Onkology

The most interesting subject is, of course, the Introduction to Internal Medicine. For the first time during our 'studying of medicine' we have a contact with a patient AS HER/HIS DOCTOR!
But for now we are obliged only to check patient's blood pressure. Why not physical exam? It depends on the course, but as far as I am concerned, this thursday my group will percuss and auscultate the thorax of our patients for the first time :) Can't wait.
This course also helps us in realising it's not just fun anymore...it's our future life.

I'm sorry that this note is that short... I'm kind of tired :)

I hope something worth describing will happen soon!


  1. po co to piszesz...?

    1. po co Ty to piszesz...?

  2. where have you gone, man?

  3. Unpopular belivies? Czym Ty się tak narażasz :D?
    Nie kończ z pisaniem!
    P.s. Nie wiedziałam w jakim języku pisać komentarz. Robić english version? :D